New All-Electric Ford Explorer Product Reveal


Client: Ford of Europe

How can you let everyone in Europe test drive a new car at the same moment you reveal it?

Imagination was tasked with revealing Ford’s latest EV to a consumer audience across Europe and driving reservations ahead of its launch. The most effective method of driving reservations or sales of a vehicle is physically getting behind the wheel*. Since the vehicle's reveal was well ahead of its production launch, we needed to find a completely new approach reflecting the connected, electrified, future-facing nature of the vehicle itself and tap into its name…Explorer. Using cutting-edge technology, we built a virtual All-Electric Ford Explorer that took centre stage in a stunning reveal film, streamed live across YouTube and LinkedIn - succeeding in raising the profile of Ford as a front-runner in electrification and technology and landing a powerful brand message through emotive, relatable storytelling. At the point of reveal, audiences were invited to enter into a unique online driving experience that allowed them to interact with the product whilst taking the car on a drive through high-fidelity virtual environments. We turned a reveal moment into a reveal experience. With an average audience engagement time of 4 minutes, the Virtual Test Drive experience succeeded in bringing audiences closer to the brand and the product, with final results revealing that visitors who engaged with Virtual Test Drive were 3x more likely to convert to a reservation. *87% of consumers want to test drive a vehicle before purchasing (McKinsey, 2022)