Network Rail – Small Talk Saves Lives

Hawk Platform & UM Birmingham

‘Small Talk Saves Lives’, undertaken by Network Rail in partnership with The Samaritans, is built on the premise that suicide is preventable and personal interaction with someone struggling to cope can go a long way in helping to save their life.

The advertising campaign aimed to raise awareness of the problem and encourage everyone to feel they could play a role in preventing suicides. Hawk Platform was a vital tool in the amplification of this critical message and engaging the target audience to raise awareness as well as encourage intervention. The campaign used digital out-of-home (DOOH) as a one-to-many advertising channel, but also incorporated mobile and digital audio ads to create touch points with the target audience throughout their day. This extended the campaign message and put it on as many screens as possible. It was the first time Network Rail had run a cross-channel campaign that included DOOH combined with retargeting. This capability played a crucial part in the campaign as it enabled accurate targeting and efficient reach. Results showed that people were 45% more likely to click on a mobile ad if they had also seen the message on a DOOH screen. In terms of the overall message, following the campaign, people felt more able to spot the signs of someone who might need help, were more likely to intervene, and would share the ad with friends, family and colleagues.