Nano’s delivers game changing ID-free audience targeting and industry measurement solution for Heineken

Nano Interactive

Client: Heineken

Heineken turned to Nano, leader in ID-free targeting solutions, in collaboration with consumer behaviour experts Circana for its newest launch.

Nano’s cookie- and profiling-free targeting technology plus Circana’s measurement solutions combined to build the Cruzcampo brand in the UK, with the campaign running for 7 weeks from October to December 2023. The partnership was based on Nano’s ability to bring real-time consumer journey data, deep contextual analysis and machine learning to deliver the campaign to the right audience at the right moment. The addition of Circana’s in-store sales data allowed the client to directly measure offline sales resulting from the campaign. And alongside this, resulted in a simpler, more effective campaign execution for CPG advertisers. The campaign used Circana ProScores™ planning data alongside Nano audiences to optimise delivery to areas of the UK with qualified sales opportunity for the brand. Lower opportunity areas were kept dark over the activity to act as the control for the measurement analysis. This data was then layered onto Nano’s ‘food and drink’ vertical insights category plus its intent persona segment for ‘alcohol drinker’ to optimise delivery. Using this granular level of insights planning, the campaign saw uplifts across core brand metrics including a 43% increase in purchase consideration for those who recalled the ad, proving that those consumers exposed to the brand were more likely to try the brand.