#MyHeroes core purpose was highlighting the selfless people in our lives - those everyday heroes who, until the pandemic hit, were perhaps taken for granted. We wanted to put a face to the people behind the institutions - to tell their story and celebrate them as individuals. The response to this collaborative concept was overwhelming, creating a campaign owned by the entire industry. In the face of change, together we turned our industry from an advertising channel into a social channel for good. Within one week of lockdown we had gone live, with more media owners joining week on week. The creativity of this idea was in the connection between social media and out-of-home to reach our audience. In order to broadcast messages of love and gratitude to the 14.5 million key workers who were out of their homes keeping us safe - and the UK and Ireland running - we handed out-of-home to the public and brands. We gave them control, calling for tweets using #MyHeroes, nominating these heroes with their unique stories. The campaign was live for eight weeks on 1292 sites. It featured 647 unique creatives on 51 formats, with over 112 million playouts and a media value of 2.5m; creating the largest ever highly targeted multi-format campaign in the UK and Ireland, surpassing all expectations. As an industry wide campaign we were able to manipulate the location of the tweets on display; targeting the nominated heroes on screens near their home or work to make sure they knew that the whole nation was behind them. Through #MyHeroes, we proved the value of the industry during this pandemic while celebrating our nations key workers. #MyHeroes had a tangible effect on people's lives; it authentically connected loved ones that couldn't be together during an immensely difficult time.