My John Lewis’ ‘Unexpected Guest: The Experience'


The John Lewis Christmas advert has become a British institution but with media spend and relevance down, they needed a solution that was cost-effective yet memorable. Our immersive video experience allowed visitors to explore a beautiful 3D recreation of the advert’s sleepy British street through the eyes of the advert’s schoolboy character, Nathan.

Hidden throughout the experience are collectible star-shards, shoppable moments, augmented reality characters and printable activity packs, helping families adorn their Christmas tree with recognisable moments from the advert. There’s even hidden treats, in the form of nine ‘Easter Eggs’, all of which are a nod to iconic adverts from previous years. With so much to take in and discover, we saw an average dwell time of just under 2 Minutes and a 20% return rate. Most importantly the execution allowed John Lewis to break the mould, showing up for their audience in a new and unexpected way.