M&S and Goodmove: tailoring a programmatic DOOH media first

VIOOH and Kinetic

For their 2022 campaign, M&S wanted to put Goodmove, their own-brand activewear collection, at the heart of outdoor and in-home exercise activity as people embrace healthy habits post-COVID.

Kinetic, VIOOH, Global, DOOH.com and Hivestack worked together to bring a savvy programmatic DOOH campaign to life targeting ‘Women interested in exercise and fitness’. Using the broadcast channel of DOOH for maximum visibility, programmatic enabled the campaign to tailor the messaging and we ended up with an OOH media first: using dynamic creative powered by M&S’s own first party stock and sales data to draw attention to the latest Goodmove collection! The results were amazing: the campaign over-delivered by 10% on the guaranteed Sightline all adult impacts group, and as a result of the hour-by-hour audience targeted buy, a huge 46% uplift in target audience penetration was achieved when compared against the average level of the audience in the targeted areas.