MMP - Multi Brand Activation


Marketing moves extremely fast, so brands need to do so too. VWG brands looked to their collective power to diversify – questioning whether pooling budget, resources and their associated data sets could simulate brand optimisation, aid in targeting the right consumer and drive business outcomes. There was only one way to find out.

MMP is the solution to VWG’s marketing challenge, harnessing the power of AI to decode VWG data, as well as target prospective buyers to atomic precision, putting propensity at the heart of decision making. MMP analyses millions of user journeys across onsite and offsite, across brands, looking for patterns in the data. The AI is trained to detect prospects with high propensity to convert to a specific brand and decide on the next best action. Three of MMP simulations were ran across multiple markets and VWG brands to test how MMP could improve VWG’s marketing and drive business outcomes. The pilot results projected a 11-44% reduction in onsite and business KPI’s. MMP proved successful in reality too - answering VWG France’s strong ambition to increase Group media marketing performance. It also drove cross-brand synergy by using an advanced modelling framework to measure the propensity, meaning value, of users to each brand. We brought together five VWG brands: VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat & Cupra, into one campaign structure. MMP acted as the strategic decision maker and was able to reduce financial investment in low value prospects to maximise the outcome. Not just for the individual brands, but for the Volkswagen Group overall. Creating a win-win scenario for all. We predicted a 19% reduction in the chosen KPI, 120sec visitor. In reality, MMP drove a 54% reduction in 2min visits to the brand websites, producing 3x more incremental conversions than a standard platform algorithm.