We built a can of Miller Lite that doubles as a fully functional video game controller. At first glance, the CANtroller looks like a regular can of Miller Lite. But it has something that no other beer can has: some seriously cool hidden technology.

Miller Lite is a well-known drink recognized for their minimalist design. We created a whole new experience combining drinking and gaming. Beer and video games are a winning combination. To revolutionize the way gamers quench their thirst, Miller Lite wanted to bring them one step closer to enjoying a cold one. So we created the CANtroller, a video game controller that also holds 12 ounces of Miller Lite it’s a fully functioning controller equipped with USB charging, bluetooth, haptic feedback and, of course, beer.

For all of the impressive technology involved, the can is extremely elegantly designed. We wrapped a super thin, flexible printed circuit board around the can and stuck metal dome switches on top with adhesive. The final product is a wireless, rechargeable 10-button controller with integrated Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect it to any computer.