Microsoft’s Mood Matching Mixer Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services bring the power of AI within reach of business without machine-learning expertise. All it takes is an API to accelerate AI decision-making in highly responsive and contextually aware apps. So, to help people understand how they can harness the power of AI, we elevated an often-confusing conversation into an eloquent experience: by making it do something as gratifyingly simple as giving them a drink. In an immersive, AI driven experiential showcase promoting Azure in a way that people could naturally interact with. Providing every guest with a personalised ‘moment in time’ and a definitive outcome.

Welcome to the Microsoft AI Cognitive Bar. Where Microsoft’s Emotion Recognition API ‘reads’ guests’ emotions to select the perfect mood-enhancing drink for them to enjoy, right there in the moment. Using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services ‘Face API’ to determine each guest’s response to imagery loosely reflecting aspects of the drinks, juices or ice creams available at that particular event, the AI Bar detects anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, surprise or neutral emotional states, as well as guest gender and age.

Judging which pieces of content each guest reacted most strongly to, the AI recommends the most emotionally appropriate ‘reward’ from the experience’s menu. Collected data simultaneously feeds into a real-time Microsoft ‘PowerBI’ Dashboard displaying basic analytics, such as the most recommended drink, number of served guests, etc. It also updates changing ingredient ‘stock’ levels according to how many of each menu item have been served, so the AI Bar can calculate when to cease recommending drinks or ice creams it can no longer serve.

Engaging with BDMs by helping them quickly and simply see how Azure empowers their business with an intelligent edge as they progress towards their digital transformation.