Messi Messages

UNIT9 and 180 Amsterdam

Messi Messages is an innovative web experience allowing fans from all over the world to generate their own personalised video messages from the G.O.A.T himself, thanks to the power of AI deepfake technology.

With ten language options, users from 17 different markets could watch in amazement as Messi spoke their specific inputs, such as names, dates and places, flawlessly in their local language, before sending their bespoke result to friends and family all over the world - the perfect shareable content to wow their Whatsapp groups. It’s the use of deepfake for good – the AI-technique allowed us to transform our very short production time with a global star into an almost limitless store of content, helping football fans engage on a deeper level all over the world. Maybe the real Messi can’t be in two places at once - but with Messi Messages, his deepfake double ensured Lay’s made a personal connection with each and every fan.