Meet your AI Breastfeeding Friend

Wavemaker UK

England has one of the lowest rates of breastfeeding worldwide despite its numerous benefits, both personal and societal. Wavemaker were tasked with helping to change this.

Our research uncovered that a key time new mums were seeking help with breastfeeding was in the middle of the night when other avenues of advice were closed. To take advantage of this key communication time we created Breast-Feeding Friend, the UK’s first voice-activated breastfeeding assistant. This was incredibly successful, but the pandemic meant we needed to find a way to make the content quickly amendable as up-to-date advice emerged and changed daily. Therefore, we created the first government department AI synthetic voice. We created it so it was indistinguishable from a human voice, able to understand user intent and respond to complex questions. This has been invaluable for helping new mums, but also for having a huge impact on DHSC strategy moving forward.