MediaCom Creative Analytics


The Creative Analytics tool uses AI to improve the performance of digital ads by up to 50% by connecting and optimising creative and media performance together.

The state of the art platform utilises emerging technology and data on how consumers respond to creativity within ads to help make better creative and media decisions for programmatic display, search, social and video campaigns. The platform offers a suite of functions aimed at improving creative layouts, suggesting creative territories that will boost engagement and predicting the success of campaigns in advance. It augments and merges best-in-market attention scoring AI, natural language processing AI, and emotional response AI into one single view. When paired with media performance data, it greatly enhances the ability to understand why one ad truly performs better than another. Within Mediacom, the Creative Analytics product has become a true collaboration point between all parts of the agency, uniting client teams with technologists, data scientists, creative practitioners, and media optimisers. Results on major clients such as Adidas, Coca-Cola, PlayStation, and Sky have been outstanding and shown to improve digital performance by up to 50%.