Making Sky’s Ultrafast Plus launch campaign ultra-Unmissable


In 2021, Sky Broadband launched Ultrafast Plus to bring customers superior download speeds. To raise brand consideration and redefine consumer perceptions of its brand, Sky Broadband turned to programmatic media for its launch campaign. Its biggest challenge was rolling out the campaign specifically in geographic locations with FTTP (residential fibre to the premises) infrastructure — a key requirement for Ultrafast Plus — and areas where its top competitor product was also available. Sky Broadband’s core objectives for its programmatic campaign were to:

1. Identify optimal locations and areas to reach Competitor X customers 2. Drive both brand consideration and change speed perceptions among Competitor X customers, while minimising wastage through programmatic media With Unmissable, GroupM’s collaborative, data-driven solution that brings together best-in-market technology from Finecast (demand, linear, and live streaming TV environment) and Xaxis (Programmatic Audio, Digital Display, Mobile Video) to hyper-target even broadcast TV ads, Sky Broadband could harness the power of broadcast media with the precision of programmatic buying. Unmissable used location and performance data to understand where Sky Broadband’s target audiences were in the UK, which channels and ad frequencies generated the necessary impact, and leveraged this to buy programmatic media that would deliver against Sky Broadband’s business objectives, as well as continuously optimise the buying process. As a result, the campaign achieved its primary KPI to deliver increased consideration and awareness of new Ultrafast Plus speeds in FTTP and Competitor X enabled areas; all while increasing efficiencies which equated to 49% of media spend.