Making a connection, one slice at a time: how Domino’s took personalisation to the next level


The Domino’s brand epitomises familiarity – they’re one of the people, the friend sitting next to you on the sofa. But it’s a challenge to convince a customer you’re one of them if you can’t talk to them as an individual. Personalising interactions to speak to their individual tastes is the sure-fire way to stand out in an overcrowded food delivery market. Domino’s wanted personalisation that goes way beyond the realms of first name, to recognise what their customers like to eat, and when they like to eat it, even the day they’re most likely to order. Domino’s believes in a world where every push message or email communicates to the customer need to reassure the customer ‘We Got This’.

Having a vision of personalisation was never an issue for Domino’s. They were brimming with ideas about what they wanted to achieve, but tech was stifling their ambition. Fragmented platforms, a disjointed approach and lack of access to real-time data could never empower innovative personalisation. Recognising the desperate need for digital evolution, Domino’s embraced a complete tech transformation to create seamless customer experiences and meaningful connections that would deepen customer relationships. Domino’s partnered with CACI, who had the specialist skills and technical know-how to unlock the potential of their data and bring their CRM vision to life. By implementing personalisation-first technology such as Braze and complementary creative tech, CACI and Domino’s transformed CRM communications into personalised experiences, ‘helping to innovatively communicate with customers and move the business forward to meet the challenges of the digital age’ (Head of CRM, Domino’s).