Live Stream

Accenture Song

We needed to reinforce Land Rover’s purpose (‘to help you make more of your world’) to our ‘unstoppable’ audience, in a meaningful way, to strengthen brand love. Leveraging the insight that ‘to be truly unstoppable, you need to decelerate every so often’ and knowing that the best way to do so is to spend 2+ hours a week outdoors – feeding mental as well as physical wellbeing - we set out to act as the Official Sponsor of the Great Outdoors. We utilised tech for good with experiential communication to help this ‘unstoppable’ audience get their ‘2-a-week’ in Nature in a meaningful, relevant and timely way. During Mental Health Awareness Week, immersive ‘Live Stream’ posters in cherry-picked hectic urban environments broadcast a livestream of a nearby stream and directed people to explore our map of inspiring natural hidden gems around the UK. This clever, low-spend campaign increased positivity towards Land Rover - our measure of brand love - by a staggering +13%(1) but even more importantly, it inspired 49% to want to spend more time outside(2). It also inspired 67% to want to find out more (3), including exploring our interactive Nature map, making for a highly effective campaign.