Back in 2018, Lexus used 15 years of award-winning luxury campaigns to craft the first car advert written by AI, produced by a human for the launch of the Lexus ES Executive Saloon car. Lexus explored the idea that humans could collaborate with machines to create an advertisement that mimics the ES model’s intuitive driving experience – the perfect blend of man and machine working together.

Fast forward to 2019 and Lexus ripped up the rule book again and launched the new self-charging UX Hybrid SUV crossover. With this launch, Lexus wanted to delve deeper into machine learning to create a connection on a human level with a new target audience. m/SIX devised a solution that utilised AI for creative testing and content distribution.

The campaign produced sterling results:

Serving an optimised advertisement based on audience age delivered an increase video completion rate (VCR) of +54%

Using the customised assets based on the emotional responses from the IBM facial coding delivered a further +75% increase in VCR

An increase of 59% in VCR (at the beginning of the campaign) to 80% at the end of the campaign