Levi's Human Nature was Levi's first-ever virtual sales launch, showcasing their new FW21 Collection to staff, wholesale and franchise partners across Europe. The hybrid virtual experience was designed specifically to address the obstacles presented by the Covid-19 pandemic that made physical events impossible to deliver in 2020/21.

The experience needed to showcase the collection in detail within a fully immersive environment and be available in multiple languages.

We responded by using our Connector XR platform, which was designed to deliver a comprehensive solution for both virtual and hybrid events. Connector uses a variety of proprietary technology to enable users to remotely explore physical spaces using its web-based platform, via multiple device types.

The result for the launch was an extended reality experience which combined physical and digital components, that used readily available technology to create an immersive brand content experience.

The integration of actual physical venues, presenters and tangible elements within a virtual world allows Connector to build real and personal engagement, that delivers valuable ROI and quantifiable analytical data on every user's interaction. The adaptability of the platform stems from a modular coded infrastructure whereby each element is either standalone or can be linked or embedded within a global experience.

The experience was live from the 7th Dec - 24th Jan 2021. Over 1,000 guests registered with over 570 participating on the first day and with a total of 826 individual guest logins spanning over 40 countries. There was an average dwell time within the environment of 1h01mins, and guests interacted with an average of 10 pieces of brand content whilst exploring the experience

Feedback from the client team and from participants via a post-experience survey, declared the project to be a huge success and Levi's have already booked in their next virtual sales launch for June 2021.