La Galaxia De Red Bull Batalla

Wunderman Thompson Technology & Commerce

Red Bull Batalla is the most relevant international improv hip hop battle event, performed in packed stadiums and event halls, and replayed millions of times on streaming platforms. Our client wanted to give their users a digital experience matching the ambitions of the event series, showcasing all the content they collected throughout the years. Without a unified platform, however, this vast amount of content could have turned into a dusty online archive. Why not collate and curate these valuable resources into a holistic overview of Batalla de Los Gallos? The goal of this initiative was to create a place that allows consumers to dive deep into the universe of Batalla through an innovative navigational system, highlighting the MC Battles and the Artists fighting them. It was also an important part of the process to create a platform where Red Bull editors can collect and connect all historical content and add new ones continuously. You can have a taste of Galaxia right over here: Our behind the scenes YouTube video: