KFC Rewards Arcade


•Most loyalty programmes give customers dull experiences, focusing on gradually (and slooowly) collecting points or stamps for eventual redemption.

•KFC’s loyalty programme, Colonel’s Club, was no different – delivering an uninspiring experience that wasn’t driving frequency or minimising churn. •The average customer visits KFC twice a year, but the first reward wasn’t earnt until after three visits. So the programme structure was at odds with customer behaviour. •This meant Colonel’s Club only benefitted a small proportion of high-frequency customers. •We needed to spice things up and find a way to encourage more customers to visit more frequently. •We re-invented loyalty for KFC by tapping into behavioural science, understanding customer patterns through user research, and creating a ‘chicken algorithm’. •The new experience gamifies customer rewards, switching them up to be instant and fun, rather than slow and boring. •Each purchase a customer makes gives them a chance to win a reward by playing an interactive in-app arcade game. •The KFC Rewards Arcade is an immersive 3D interactive world where retro games are reimagined for the modern digital age, with a hint of urban grit and industrial edge that struts that fine line of ‘playful-cool’. •The games employ techniques that deliver ‘happy hits’, whether customers win or lose. •The results have been awesome. The number of weekly app transactions increased by 22%, the cost-per-redemption decreased by 37%, and with a 44% increase in daily app users, it’s clear chicken fans are loving the KFC Rewards Arcade.