Kasia Kowalska

Applied Innovation Lead

Client: Wavemaker UK

Kasia, with her over 8 years of experience in digital transformation and marketing communications, has consistently proven herself as a leader who is not afraid to innovate. Her track record includes spearheading world and industry-first solutions for major global brands such as BMW, MINI, and Compare the Market.

In her role at Wavemaker's Applied Innovation consultancy team, Kasia has harnessed emerging technologies like Generative and Conversational AI, XR, Gaming, and IoT to identify new growth opportunities. Her strategic use of smart technology has led to groundbreaking solutions that effectively address her clients' business and brand challenges. Customer engagement is at the heart of Kasia's work. She has created innovative experiences, including Perfetti's first global gaming experience on Roblox, e.l.f.'s first audio-enhanced AR Mural, and the government's first use of AI to support recruitment for the Royal Navy. But Kasia's vision extends beyond adapting to the world - she's actively re-imagining it. Her collaboration with the Royal National Institute for Blind People is aiming to transform their work with the use of emerging tech, demonstrates her commitment to leveraging technology to create a more inclusive world. In summary, Kasia's exceptional leadership, innovative use of smart technology, dedication to customer engagement, and commitment to re-imagining the world strongly position her as a deserving candidate for the Tech Leader of the Year award.