Client: Carvana

To mark its milestone of 1 million cars sold, Carvana teamed up with us to do the impossible: make a personalized video for over 1 million customers. We harnessed cutting edge AI technology to deliver 1.3 million unique videos, showing that new AI tools can be used to create personal videos at an unprecedented scale.

To celebrate every customer’s journey, AI turned their data into videos with unique visuals and voice over. At the center of each customer’s story was their unique vehicle. Cutting-edge technology converted static images of each car purchased on Carvana into a bespoke 3D model, putting customer’s actual vehicles into their video. AI language models were able to identify key words and ideas from Carvana customer data, turning their purchase story into prompts.. An actor was turned into an algorithm, delivering the personalized voice-over with AI driven text-to-speech performances. Algorithms were created to combine the audio and visuals, scripting the flow of the story into compelling individualized stories. The culmination of all this technology was a one-of-a-kind experience for every Carvana customer. Without leveraging these emerging technologies, this scale and specificity would not have been possible. This campaign is a new way to communicate with customers with personal, meaningful stories.