Jenny Tsai


Jenny Tsai, Founder and CEO of Wearisma, has created a genuinely unique influencer marketing platform that boasts some of the biggest names in fashion as clients and appeals to mass-market consumer brands. Her relentless commitment to finding the perfect blend of human expertise and augmented intelligence (AI) has made a significant impact on the world of influencer marketing, helping to transform the industry from one that looked set to become hugely commoditised and un-trust worthy to one of the most authentic marketing channels in the digital era.

The ability to traverse the rapidly changing influencer marketing landscape making brave decisions along the way, makes Jenny stand out as a leader in the fragmented marketing technology landscape. The credibility issues that have plagued influencer marketing has meant there has been hesitancy around the medium's future. However, Jenny has constantly turned to data and innovation to build a robust solution for brands to harness the power of influencers. Today, Wearisma enables brands to tap into a community of 1 billion authentic influencers and brand advocates across the globe to ensure they reach the most relevant audiences and maximise the effectiveness of their influencer marketing activities. Believing equally in technology and people, Jenny has helped individuals thrive at Wearisma and in the broader fashion and technology industry worldwide while simultaneously building a company with a turnover approximately doubling year-on-year.