Jeep Compass - Hawk Platform & Starcom

Hawk Platform

The aim of Jeep’s brand campaign for its plug-in hybrid SUV, Compass, was to build strong awareness for the new model, reaching audiences across different mediums and encouraging them to visit a dealership selling the vehicles.

Hawk Platform ran a cross-channel, geo-location campaign using digital out-of-home (DOOH), connected TV (CTV), digital audio and digital display. Accurate proximity targeting was used to ‘ringfence’ the top 20 Jeep showrooms / retailers in the UK; mobile device IDs matching the target audience that were seen within 5km of these locations were targeted. Retailer specific creatives, produced by Hawk’s internal creative team, were used across these channels so that ads were personalised based on where someone was located. By running this campaign through Hawk and using mobile Device ID as the sole currency, multiple touch points with the target audience were created across different channels throughout the day. At the same time frequency and reach were managed within the given catchment areas, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced wastage of media spend. As well as awareness measurements for the number of people clicking on, listening to and viewing ads, Hawk tracked footfall to each retailer using its InStore Impact tool and ran a third-party brand uplift study to measure the overall impact of the campaign and the effect of each channel. Click through, listen through and view through rates were all highly positive (and above industry benchmarks), with Hawk’s measurement also showing that each channel played an important part in the success of the campaign, audio and CTV were responsible for the biggest increase in purchase intent , while mobile and DOOH were most effective at driving visits to showroom.