‘It All Adds Up’: educating consumers during the energy crisis with Vyde, Captify, MGOMD & UK Government


Client: UK Government

"The "It All Adds Up" campaign, part of the wider ‘Help for Households’ initiative, looked to address the energy crisis and cost of living challenges through innovative digital means. OmniGov leveraged Vyde's conversational creative units to effectively educate and empower consumers to learn about how to reduce their energy usage, breaking down any barriers to audiences accessing the right information.

Together, we designed a bespoke decision tree that highlighted three key actions, offering easily digestible tips to reduce energy bills. Whatever the circumstance, Vyde identified the key information the consumer was searching for, tailoring the ad content to their individual need. This meant UK Gov could deliver personalisation at scale, allowing them to reach and influence more of the public on the easiest ways to reduce energy bills. Using Captify’s search intelligence data, we were also able to locate consumers who were actively searching for information on how to reduce energy bills, and tailor the ad to their needs. Our consumer insights revealed that we educated an increasing number of users who had not yet reduced their energy usage. The campaign not only surpassed all performance metrics but provided unique user-initiated insights that were presented back to the Cabinet Office. Catriona McGrath, Chief Campaign Officer at DESNEZ, quoted “the unique power of Vyde’s format was evident, with the campaign reaching an increasing number of users across the month and achieving an impressive attention time. It also provided invaluable insights which the UK Gov will be using to inform future strategies.”