How MiQ geo-contextually boosted UKTV's Linear TV viewership


Client: UKTV x Havas

UKTV is a major British television network known for its diverse portfolio programming from comedy to drama and documentaries, including Dave, Gold, W, and Drama. The network is a significant player in the UK's broadcast and streaming landscape.

UKTV wanted to increase awareness and linear viewership of new titles, specifically for ‘Gemma & Gorka: Behind the lens’, a newly commissioned programme on W channel and UKTV Play. MiQ engineered a geo-contextual strategy that leveraged the power of video through its proprietary solutions and partnerships to identify lapsed UKTV viewers and drive ads to users consuming contextually relevant content across YouTube & ConnectedTV (CTV). Leveraging its partnership with Samba TV, MiQ used ACR data (automatic content recognition) to analyse the viewing habits of over 1.8m CTV devices in the UK, enabling MiQ to segment every postcode in the UK into Heavy, Medium, Light and lapsed users. Following UK postcode segmentation, MiQ utilised its geo-contextual Connected Audiences solution to build custom data sets of various online and offline behaviours, to find UKTV’s target audience. This was done through a postcode scoring system and custom bidding scripts, fuelling the geo-contextual strategy. MiQ used its Youtube Channel Recommender solution to build out a custom channel list across YouTube for videos and channels aligning with ‘Gemma & Gorka’. The campaign delivered excellent results aligning to UKTV’s initial goals, driving very strong Youtube VTR results above benchmark as well as significantly increasing average view and play times.