MADE.COM is renowned as a leader in customer experience and in taking a customer-focused approach to innovation. The marketing team champions a personalised approach to marketing communications, and as a digital-first brand, the customer journey begins and ends online. MADE.COM has a customer subscriber base of millions and needed a partner able to help execute a tailored, intelligent CRM experience across its communication channels for its shoppers.


MADE.COM works with Ometria to leverage advanced automation and segmentation techniques and deliver a best-in-class brand experience over email and social. The partnership has led to email revenues growing at twice the rate of the overall business year on year. 


Using behavioural cues to understand the customer journey, MADE.COM and Ometria leveraged dynamic email content and product recommendations to make sure each customer received relevant content at the right moment in their path to purchase, whether they were considering a significant furniture buy like a sofa or making a relatively quicker decision about homeware. Ometria's platform meant this unified communication strategy could be leveraged across social, ensuring the conversation with the customer was consistent and coherent.


Ultimately, MADE.COM puts brand relevance and context at the heart of any campaign and its approach to CRM and email supports the needs of its customers across very different journeys and via multiple channels.