How Deliveroo Delivers Its Promise of Hyperlocal Marketing

Deliveroo, an award-winning delivery service founded in 2013, works with over 140,000 best-loved restaurants and grocery partners across Europe and Asia, as well as 100,000 riders to provide the best food delivery experience in the world.

Relevant customer experiences have historically been a core part of Deliveroo’s marketing strategy, but as the brand looked to grow operations by offering their services in new delivery zones, operational challenges–such a making sure offers were redeemable in a customer’s area or building ads that featured local restaurants without painstakingly slow processes–became apparent. The team needed a partner to hyper localize their advertising campaigns quickly, at scale. With support from, Deliveroo was able to: - Streamline creative production and shorten time-to-market from 2-3 days to just a matter of minutes while ensuring highly relevant advertising for each zone - Increase working media to generate 30% more impressions in priority zones - Scale their hyperlocal marketing strategy to every global market they serve, a strategy that would have been impossible to sustain without technology