Noonah X Hasbro Family Editions: Brand Engagement through Product Personalisation


With tech-based toys and e-commerce dominating the market and COVID-19 having a profound impact on footfall, Hasbro

approached Noonah to give two of their most famous names, Cluedo and Monopoly, relevance in an ever-competitive retail landscape. Looking to incentivise customers, old and new, to engage with these classic titles, Hasbro wanted to create strong, emotional connections with their brands, achieving immense reach and significant brand exposure on the run-up to Christmas. The main objective was significant PR impact which would live on beyond the campaign period with a secondary objective of an uplift in sales. Noonah's solution was to give consumers up and down the country the chance to meet the Hasbro team and create their own unique family edition of these classic board games. To maximise reach and accessibility, Noonah staged a two-part campaign, taking the 'Cluedo Family Edition' on a tour visiting Smyths Toys’ most popular Superstores, and basing the 'Monopoly by You' pop-up in London's prestigious Selfridges department store. Central to both activations was Noonah's powerful Personalize product personalisation technology, combining market-leading customisation software with state-of-the-art live-printing tech, all housed in eye-catching installations to maximise visibility and brand engagement.