Greggs: Launching the Festive Bake


Client: Greggs

Kicking off Christmas at Greggs and announcing the 2023 launch of the Festive Bake in the most innovative and impactful way in its’ 15-year history, Greggs partnered with SKYMAGIC to create a 500-drone display that would transform the night sky into an epic universe of pastries and doughnuts.

The stars aligned above Greggs’ Newcastle Bakery as a swarm of 500 drones formed a gastronomic galaxy – launching a space adventure inspired by the likes of retro NASA launches, Kubrick’s Space Odyssey and Thunderbirds. Playful interactions between the drone-formed delicacies and celestial elements brought a light-hearted touch to the spectacle, perfectly matching the tone of Greggs’ wider campaign. The eccentric display formed the basis of a viral video, created by Sodium Films, which attracted wide-spread attention across digital platforms, obtaining a reach of more than 7.4 million views across social media channels and 60 pieces of high profile media coverage with 100% positive sentiment. The unique collaboration exemplifies the boundless potential of drones to draw spectacle across both live and digital landscapes; redefining the future of brand launches.