Get the Jump


The coronavirus pandemic impacted young people significantly. With over 180 school closures and the entire university collegiate shut at various moments throughout the pandemic, the historical method of showcasing ‘what’s next?’ to learners at key stages in their development were impeded.

To better navigate our future youth through this, Department for Education (DfE) wanted to create a new campaign to help young people (16-24s) understand the full range of options available to them, whatever their circumstance. For the first time, there was a campaign that planned to cater to every individual. DFE planned to encompass information that highlighted options for every career path; to ‘Get the Jump’ on what they would need to know for higher education, for new routes of qualifications (like T Levels, and Apprenticeships), or what National Careers Service could advise on. What traditionally would have been shared at local or school recruitment fairs, was now digital. And with an average 3 hours and 11 minutes spent of their daily lives spent on social media (more than any other age group), the role for paid media would be to ensure awareness of the ‘Get the Jump’ campaign was attentively seen by those most in need of it, along with provide a deeper interaction and understanding of their future choices. By partnering with Snap, the social platform with the highest reach and engagement scores for each audience, AR technology was then used to create the first global AR lens-led career fair. The results were just as impressive, with awareness increased for each individual next skill or qualification category amongst those who saw it. Crucially, it made nearly 50% of those reached to seek more information or act.