Get into Teaching


While it’s been a longstanding slogan for the Department for Education (DfE), the truth is getting prospective Teachers ‘into Teaching’ has never been harder. The backdrop of the campaign over the last year has had to contend with strike action and a cost-of-living crisis that affects any entry level vocation whilst operating in a fiercely competitive job market (the job market remains very competitive with over 1.2M vacancies1

The DfE’s ‘Get into Teaching’ programme needed a marketing approach that was completely fresh. Search has historically used by DfE as the bedrock for delivering campaign cost efficiency, quality traffic and one of the biggest channels for sign-ups. The ambition was for this to continue, with an additional focus on how to unearth new techniques to ensure search could capture new audiences. With inflation across other media channels and UK digital markets maturing, OmniGOV Search team was set the challenging task of ensuring maximum efficiency and maximum outcomes for taxpayers’ money. This challenge ensured that data, automation, agility, and a detailed knowledge of employment search behaviours was at the heart of our strategy for Search. Using these levers OmniGOV at MG OMD was able to improve conversion rate increasing by 54% and drove over 7k additional expressions of interest (EOI) for a 59% drop in CPA YoY. Search was responsible for 23% of the UK Governments target for the year of recruiting 30K entrants into Initial Teacher Training every year, making it the most efficient and hardworking channel across the media mix. By continuing to futureproof paid search for teachers, we continue to future proof the UK.