From Fast Food to Fast Data: KFC's Innovative Approach

KFC, GroupM, Mindshare UK

Client: KFC

In Q4 of 2022 KFC came to us to help launch their own

delivery service. Our innovative solution generated £888k profit and a 16% uplift in delivery sales, so for 2023 we needed to maintain the growth trajectory and increase share of their overall delivery sales vs the aggregators. Our initial groundwork and data driven customer insights, led by the launch of our bespoke dashboard, visually showed us that over the course of a year each store would perform very differently. But we needed to see why this was happening. So we built a bespoke geo data model to help us to identify and understand the nuances that were driving the differences. The campaign surpassed all objectives and is a superb example of how KFC collaborates with us to continue to evolve and develop their innovative approach to delivering media to drive sales.