From Awareness to Purchase: Hotpoint Whirlpool's Journey Through the Consumer Funnel

Hotpoint Whirlpool, GroupM, mSix&Partners

Client: Hotpoint Whirlpool

The continual tech development of our offering is

always insight led, and we are constantly nudging the needle of innovation within our space. So, we set ourselves the challenge of unravelling the effect of targeting lower down the funnel to reduce wastage and lower budgets whilst capturing cookieless data. We know that Advanced TV has primarily been used as a brand building tool, but what if we targeted people in the product consideration stage? And what if we could use a geo model? This had never been done before in this marketplace. Hotpoint is an innovative, loyal client of ours and they are always looking to learn from insights so when they came to us with their latest brief we knew that this was the perfect campaign to road test our new insights on. After a diligent and detailed three month planning and development stage with Captify as a data partner they were fully on-board to rollout the world’s first Advanced TV campaign using search intent data overlaid with geo segmentation.