Like most industries globally during the lockdown, the pub industry in Australia was hit heavily, and many of the pub owners were placed under immense financial pressure. To help remedy this, Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) and the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) partnered to create the For the Love of Your Local initiative. Aimed at generating immediate venue cashflow for bars, it encouraged purchasing 2-for-1 beer vouchers whilst bars were closed. Patrons would be able to redeem vouchers by visiting participating venues as soon as restrictions lifted. CUB's initial target: a hefty $1M!


Our job? Devising an easy, hassle-free experience to redeem those beer vouchers. Sounds simple, but it was hugely challenging given some 2000+ participating venues countrywide used varying POS systems. It was a seemingly impossible task, but it was made possible by the power of Virtual Atoms (VAs), which are underpinned by Blockchain technology.


VAs are created on a platform that allows the distribution of infinite digital tokens, combining physical and virtual worlds. The beauty of VAs is that they can take the form of literally anything. And because they're built on a Blockchain platform, they have a true value. In this case, two beers at your local.


Our tech-powered campaign helped provide much-needed cash flow at a time-critical to the industry by selling over 379,000 beers at over 2,100 venues, earning $2M in cash flow for the venues we'll toast to that!