Ahead of the release of FM20, Football Manager was looking for a new way to bring their latest launch to an even bigger audience and skyrocket sales. Their biggest barrier to entry: ‘How do you play?”

Faced with this challenge, Football Manager turned to MOX London and WIREWAX to turn this barrier into an open floodgate by delivering an interactive live-action trailer made possible only with the exclusive branching capabilities of WIREWAX’s multi-award-winning interactive video technology.

The results of this mega campaign show just how powerful this fundamental strategy was, expanding audiences internationally and elevating the status of the game in numerous markets. Selling over 1 million copies in just over a month after launch, FM20 launched at No.1 on the EMEA charts and quickly became one of the fastest-selling games in Football Manager history. Thanks to WIREWAX’s interactive video technology, a powerful strategy of ‘show, don’t tell’ cam to life, delivering an undeniably unforgettable game launch.