The most competitive time of the year for the mobile telecoms sector is the iPhone launch, with 34% of mobile service searches happening around the launch. Vodafone wanted to cut through all the noise to launch its new Unlimited offering with an idea as innovative as the new phone itself. But how do you create demand for new tech with tech-savvy 25-54 year old Londoners? You make them hunt for it, as the Pokemon Go phenomenon demonstrated.

We created a city-wide virtual hunt for Apple prizes using vatoms, augmented reality and blockchain technology in an experience users could use on their phones. We encouraged user registration with digital media and influencer activity, and during the Find Unlimited week of activity we launched a platform that allowed users to discover drop zones in a map of London on their phones and ‘grab’ prizes in AR. For the 5 days the campaign was live, we saw 23,000 registered users running around London collecting 14,000 prizes. The campaign trended on Twitter ahead of the Rugby World Cup on an England match-day and off the back of the campaign, Vodafone’s spontaneous brand awareness increased 14%.