Financial Times Climate Game

WongDoody, an Infosys Company

Though the climate crisis, in its near overwhelming enormity, is one of the defining issues of our time, communicating its impact on society, finance, business and politics in an accessible way can be challenging for even the most adept journalists.

It is the shared ambition of the Financial Times and Infosys to raise awareness of the climate crisis and to accelerate policy shifts designed to protect the Earth from its worst effects. They have formed a new digital innovation partnership that combines the FT’s expertise and reach with Infosys’ next-generation digital capabilities, as well as their subsidiary WONGDOODY’s creative design muscle. Their first joint initiative, The Climate Game, uses bespoke predictive artificial intelligence to transform climate data and the steps to reach net zero emissions into a playable experience that can appeal to policymakers, younger readers, and non-specialist audiences alike.