Every Mind Matters


The Government’s flagship Mental Health campaign “Every Mind Matters” strives to engage users who are vulnerable to, or experiencing, mental health issues. This year we were not only tasked with targeting people displaying signs of poor mental health, but also users exhibiting “numbing behaviours” that could lead to more severe conditions over time.

Social media (often a contributor for mental health fatigue) was identified as key in reaching users across two phases of activity – Empower (exhibiting numbing behaviours) and Respond (exhibiting poor mental health signals). Both OmniGOV at MG OMD and OHID looked to emerging technologies help assist in accurately mapping the complex behavioural signals and elevating any routine execution. Our use of both enabled social media to record its highest number of active engagements with the EMM messaging. More impressively, 1.7m of the UK actively participated in improving their mental health and ‘taking a breath’ after being exposed to our paid ad.