Enough - Violence Against Women and Girls


Following unprecedented public response triggered by the murder of Sarah Everard, the Government launched a behaviour change campaign aimed at tackling the societal issues that enable Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) in 2022. In UK cities, three quarters of women have experienced violence or harassment and certain types of VAWG behaviours. Lesser-known aspects like street harassment, have become so normalised that they often go unchallenged in our society. Research showed that amongst younger audiences - 80% of girls said sexual assault is commonplace and 90% received unwanted sexual pictures. And sadly, only one third of women who’ve been harassed report it to the police.

Our campaign needed to shift the harmful societal attitudes that enable VAWG. We needed to challenge perpetrator behaviour, by demonstrating the impact on victims, and the role we can all play in taking action to tackle abuse. Alongside above the line media and media partnerships, OmniGOV at MG OMD delivered a multi-platform digital strategy across Social and Paid Search, to both guide people and direct them to the content that would support them.