Enlist with the Royal Navy's AI Virtual Recruitment Guide

Wavemaker UK

Client: The Royal Navy

The Royal Navy and Wavemaker UK launched a UK government first: a Royal Navy AI Virtual Guide - a sophisticated web-based conversational AI assistant, created to support candidates through their joining journey, from the outset. We knew it needed to be optimised for Gen Z, by being supportive and inclusive, so we worked in collaboration with our partners, Voxly Digital, to define an experience that delivered on these goals. Housed on the Royal Navy recruitment website, every applicant receives a tailored journey, beginning with the ability to choose from six Royal Navy virtual guides they feel most comfortable with. By utilising advanced natural language processing models, the virtual guide can answer complex and open-ended questions from candidates in real-time. It helps candidates discover the most suitable Royal Navy role for them and can even assist them in completing their application form directly within the chat interface. Providing a more seamless user journey, it’s now a crucial component of Royal Navy's ongoing digital communications strategy and roadmap. ​