EE Game Store: A Masterclass in How to Win in Gaming

EssenceMediacom X, Havas Play, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Posterscope

Client: EE

EE has identified gaming as a key area for growth. The problem is that gamers are resistant to letting new brands into their territory. To break through that resistance, we gave gamers everything they love: a challenge, a great gaming experience and the promise of free stuff!

We created two bespoke activations to engage gamers with the EE Gamestore. Creating a game challenge within Fortnite where we then we challenged gamers: if you can gain access to the EE game store, you can win consoles and gaming gear. What was the catch? Our game store was being protected by some very special guardians: a collection of renowned Twitch streamers - some of the toughest gamers out there. We also created a blended virtual and real world treasure hunt across multiple towns and cities across the UK giving consumers the chance to win Gamestore tech. interact with the treasure hunt to track down the chests and unlock the tech. We amplified this with gaming social on Tik Tok and Reddit, as well as display advertising. Our OOH activity stayed in formats and locations which were physically close to our core audience of gamers – reaching gifters without alienating gamers. Gamers responded extremely favourably. Belief that EE offers the best broadband connection for gaming at home rose by a third, and that EE offers the best mobile connection for gaming rose by a staggering 50%. We also saw significant gains in market share.