EE: 5G AR Foosball

UNIT9 and Cake

EE wanted to showcase the impressive connection speed of its super-fast 5G network with an innovative experience that generated excitement amongst users and showcased their network superiority. Leveraging the brand’s lead partnership of Wembley Stadium, we transformed the famous Wembley turf into the world’s first Augmented Reality Foosball game, powered by 5G.

The multiplayer AR game was launched to a star-studded line-up at the stadium, including Peter Crouch, Gareth Southgate and Chelcee Grimes, along with lucky EE competition winners. We created a gamified AR layer to sit on top of the physical Wembley pitch that appeared when scanned with a smartphone. With rows of players that could be operated in real time, users could battle it out one on one and perform the usual foosball motions like kicking, sliding, and bouncing, plus some fun additions like duplicating the ball and freezing rows of players. Thanks to the fast 5G connection speed, participants could all experience the same uninterrupted AR game session in real-time without any delays, from their own perspective at the side of the pitch. By leveraging EE’s high connection speed we were able to create a super fun gaming experience while showcasing the future of real-time, multiplayer live entertainment thanks to the innovative use of AR and blending digital into the in-stadium experience. EE successfully enabled fans to experience the power of 5G through an unforgettable experience that contextualised the magic of EE’s network. The campaign reached a total of 15m people, via 49m impressions, over 5m views and a VTR of 14.6%, +244% across EE channels. Impressive stuff.