Agency: PepsiCo and Playstation

PlayStation is known for its four iconic shapes: Square, Cross, Circle and Triangle. And the triangle is also Doritos signature shape. But what if you found Doritos in other shapes? In the build-up to the launch of the PlayStation 5, Verizon Media and OMD worked with Doritos to extend their on-pack PS5 partnership and target the gaming audience with an AR experience to hunt down Doritos bags and unlock prizes. We took the iconic symbols concept and created an AR Quest game based on geo-location and blockchain that challenged fans to find the symbols in virtual Doritos bags. With their phones, users could explore a map of virtual Doritos bags and head to real-world locations to pick up prizes - PS5s, games, digital subscriptions.... When Covid lockdown hit, we pivoted the game mechanic and allowed users to drop bags close to home. Over four weeks we saw over 160,000 registered users playing over 550,000 times. In the UK, Q4 sales of Doritos saw a 21% YoY increase due to the campaign.