Online marketers have long enjoyed the ability to track every user touchpoint and action, but for years the industry has focused on short-term goals, such as lead submissions or product purchases, missing important cues and assuming all customers have an equal value over time.

Existing tools are helpful when the trackable action is an on-site or even an offline purchase, but advertisers working towards a delayed or lifetime revenue goal are presented with a challenge. When revenue cannot be measured immediately, campaign optimisations are delayed and therefore less effective. For their Google Ads campaign targeting marketers, Google tasked Essence with finding a brand new way to identify and target customers with a higher lifetime value.

We set about finding a solution using machine learning and ended up with a bespoke platform - the only solution in the market that solves the problem of long-term value identification; it is self-learning and automatically adapts to changing business scenarios and market conditions. Oh, and the results are also fantastic.