What’s Your Whisky?’ is an innovative digital experience which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to analyse people’s flavour preferences and match them with their perfect Single Malt Whisky from Diageo’s portfolio. The project was designed specifically to help overcome consumer’s key barriers to purchase premium whisky. These include:


The complexity and saturation of the whisky category Risk aversion due to the category’s expensive price point

A recessive and stuffy perception of the category

The previous marketing strategy for the Diageo malt whisky portfolio had been inconsistent, including comms around provenance, quality of ingredients and cultural events.

Subsequently, Diageo commissioned purchase decision journey research and found that the overarching theme throughout all touchpoints was that the key driver of purchase decisions was flavour.

Working with Diageo, we therefore decided to create a new transformational campaign to help overcome the key barriers to purchase and focus on flavour. With Diageo, we developed an innovative, interactive and scalable whisky digital activation which leverages exciting new technologies to revolutionise the way Diageo talks to consumers about their Single Malt Whisky portfolio.

Partnering with FlavorPrint, the project team profiled 18 of the most loved Diageo single malts, using AI and ML, FlavorPrint were able to map each whisky into a 33 dimensional model, featuring over 500 flavour data points. When a user launches the digital experience, they answer 11 dynamic, visual flavour based questions such as “Do you like smoked foods?“. The AI then analyses the answers and maps the user’s unique “FlavorPrint”, suggesting the single malt(s) within Diageo’s portfolio best matched to their personal flavour preferences. This highly personalised and innovative brand experience sought to overcome ke