Developing a new consumer journey framework for a new world


The question that still keeps clients up at night is where to place their media budgets, do they invest in brand potentially at the expense of short-term sales? With media increasingly managed in multiple places, between agencies or in-house, our challenge was to connect more tools and systems to give a full-funnel view, overcoming the issue that digital tracking ignores offline media and offline impact can largely only be quantified by econometrics.

We brought digital data and research-based insight together to create a view of the full-funnel, mapping it, and giving it context to answer some of the “so what” that comes from looking at a single advertiser’s performance data. We stretched Share of Search vs Share of Market in multiple directions; upwards into ATL media spend and brand impact, and down the funnel into the share of web visits and source of traffic. The outcome was new insights and findings that were used to bring competitive advantage to several Goodstuff clients, such as performance scenarios for new brand launches, the impact of COVID on the path to purchase, and areas of competitor weakness.