Destination 2030


Client: IBM

What if improving sustainability could elevate profitability?

Today, most corporate ESG targets are based on estimates and tracking emissions through the value chain is notoriously difficult, leaving 2030 sustainability goals hard to reach, and even harder to prove. IBM’s AI sustainability software suite helps solve the ESG data measurement problem. By tracking and managing energy use and pollution in real time, preventative action can be taken on a huge scale. Mixing a 3D-printed cityscape with a reactive table top and touch screen control hub, we engaged IT leaders in this future-focused story through a memorable interactive experience, demonstrating cause and effect with wow-factor, simplicity and substance. Launched at IBM Think in Orlando, this modular experience toured the globe as a scaled-down phygital experience and lives on as an evergreen web-hosted interactive to maximise reach and equity, helping to create a better tomorrow.