Since the dawn of search marketing, advertisers have asked the question “Should we be paying to appear for keywords when we already have organic coverage?”.

Demonstrating incrementality, however, is no easy task. Numerous factors must be considered, including: organic position, paid position, organic competitor depth, paid competitor depth, time, geography, device, audience, promotional periods, and this barely scratches the surface. In addition to this, most organic search results are encrypted by Google, greatly limiting visibility.

The challenge of demonstrating incrementality has meant the answer to this age-old question has remained unresolved…until now! NMPi by Incubeta and M&S partnered to build a proprietary machine learning platform that would answer this question while providing a holistic view of the retailers search activity to help guide its optimisations. NMPi by Incubeta’s “Seamless Search” platform not only provides clients confidence their campaigns are making an impact, but automatically applies changes to paid search keyword coverage based on the platform’s recommendation.

The introduction of the platform has revolutionised M&S’ approach to search marketing and the results have exceeded all expectations. Despite its maturity as a business, NMPi by Incubeta was still able to drive in excess of £35m in revenue, in under 9 months.