Paysafe Group knew that users of their digital wallet brand Skill were more valuable from a lifetime value perspective if they transacted via the Skrill app, rather than using the service via their desktop or mobile sites.

The challenge to the Croud team was therefore to drive existing Skrill customers to become regular users of the service itself (sending money to family and friends, funding their digital wallet for online purchases), all via the app - and this needed to be done on a global scale. Croud’s Programmatic team formulated a holistic campaign strategy that spanned audience creation and media laydown, through to messaging refinement and creative development.

Recognising the need for a highly targeted approach, the team turned to Display and Video 360 (DV360), due to its extensive targeting capabilities. To create the assets, the Programmatic team leaned on our Croudie network for market-specific insights, as well as using Croud Create - Croud’s internal creative team - to design eye-catching ads tailored for each market, operating system, and more.

Accurate tracking was essential in measuring the success of the campaign, so Croud worked closely with Paysafe’s internal team of app developers, to establish comprehensive in-app event tracking. This meant that the user’s journey could be tracked end-to-end - from app download, to app login, to in-app transaction - all utilising the Firebase software development kit. The campaign was a huge success for Skrill, generating an ROI of over 3x by the end of the third month of the campaign, with revenues increasing by 325%.