For its A/W 2019 product launch, AUXILIARY was invited to exhibit in the Selfridges shoe department for the very first time. Without the heritage of its luxury peers, how can the 2 year-old footwear brand stand out on Selfridges’ busy shop floor?

Without the budget to create an extravagant branded experience, we deliberately focused on the asset we had access to - the display table. We started developing ways to elevate beyond the ordinary, to catch shoppers eyes and draw them away from the tough competition. This process landed us on the idea of bringing the brand to life in augmented reality, through a custom-designed table top that, when activated via QR code, tells AUXILIARY’s rich story.

Once activated, the Continuous Play AR experience transitions the table into an expanded world that interacts with the surface as though one continuous structure. It takes customers into the AUXILIARY story complete with its products and design inspiration which include skating, cars and vintage audio products.

The entire experience was built in Facebook’s augmented reality tool, Spark AR Studio. This was the first time Spark AR was used in a retail environment at this scale.